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Orthopedic shoes "Ortho +" - this shoe Ukrainian producer.

Production of orthopedic shoes "Ortho +" is located in Ukraine in the city of Zaporozhye.

For the manufacture of products "Ortho +" used the best quality materials.

The top and inside of the shoe is made of natural, soft goat leather and high-quality veal, ideal for baby feet.

The special shape and sole material further stabilizes the foot and ensures the correct position while walking.

The sole has unique properties - lightweight, shock-absorbing, can withstand temperature extremes.

The special technology of modeling and correct installation of hard the back part of the shoes during the assembly process of orthopedic shoes "Orto plus" guarantees the symmetry axis of the shoe, thereby helping the proper development of the foot and allows the use of customized insoles for any foot deformity.

Within each model is an orthopedic insole with arch support for treatment and prevention of flat feet.

Shoes "Ortho +" received a positive assessment of leading experts of Ukraine - orthopedic doctors, surgeons and rehabilitation specialists.

Products "Ortho Plus" has passed all tests and laboratory tests for strength, flexibility and quality of materials used.

Orthopedic company "Ortho +" one of the few companies that sews shoes to order for people requiring an individual approach:

shortening of the legs, different length of the foot, a different diagnosis legs.